Ziegler Co.


Four-piece Ziegler Co are a bunch of Londoners with an ever-changing line-up that’s seen Italians, Thai monks and Clean Bandits take a seat at the band’s drum kit. One thing they have maintained however, is a strong, distinct sound in the extremely saturated industry of British indie pop.

Michael, Adam, Daniel and Fraser have received acclaim from the folks at BBC Radio 6 for a series of EPs with a sound that has been compared to The Beatles and Nick Cave. Just like fellow up-and-comer Phoebe Robinson, the quartet release their music via London indie label Foof Records, who describe them as ‘uber-suave guitar slingers’.

The band’s latest release comes in the form of double A-side single ‘The Righteous Few/Waking Up At Sunset‘ released on the 13th May. The release completed a trilogy of double A-sides on Foof Records and sees the band discover a more defined sound, drawing from jazz and swing music.

The Righteous Few‘s funky riff drives the track, and echoed vocals over a tight bass line create an impressive sound. Waking Up At Sunset features soft percussion and silky vocals, crooning lines like “sweet valentine of mine” that make for very pleasant listening.


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