Yung Lean @ Albert Hall, Manchester 13/12/17

Yung Lean, Yung Gud and Yung Sherman took their European tour to Manchester on Wednesday night. The Albert Hall hosted the penultimate show before the big Sad Boys homecoming in Stockholm. It had originally been due to take place at the Manchester Academy but was upgraded to the larger venue due to a massive demand for tickets.

With Gud and Sherman perched at DJ set-ups either side of Lean, the stage was clouded in smoke for the entire show with the trio barely visible at times. They rattled through an extensive set list with some tracks running directly into the next and some being cut short. Although, I think fans were just happy to get such a broad display of the Yung Lean discography.

Of course, he made time for a few tracks from his break-out mixtape Unknown Death including Hurt, Ginseng Strip 2002 and Yoshi City. There were also tasters from his other projects including debut full-length album Unknown Memory, 2016 album Warlord and the mixtape Frost God which was released exactly a year ago today. The main focus of the set was on Yung Lean’s new LP Stranger with it’s tracks Muddy Sea opening the set and Agony and Yellowman closing it.

The Swede spoke little throughout the night but did make the revelation that his grandfather was British so he had ‘a little bit of the craziness’ in him. Despite this and cutting some of the older tracks and ones with features short, I feel it was justified in order to give the fans the chance to hear all the highlights of the music he’s made in the last few years. It’s impressive how much his music has evolved over such a short career. He’s still only 21 years old. I’m sure there’s much more to come from Yung Lean and the Stranger album and tour makes me excited to see where his music will go next.

  1. Muddy Sea
  2. Skimask
  3. Drop It/Scooter
  4. Afghanistan
  5. Fantasy
  6. Metallic Intuition
  7. Diamonds
  8. Hennessy & Sailor Moon
  9. Red Bottom Sky
  10. Oreomilkshake
  11. Hurt
  12. Ginseng Strip 2002
  13. Ghosttown
  14. Yoshi City
  15. Iceman
  16. Hunting My Own Skin
  17. Push/Lost Weekend
  18. Miami Ultras
  19. Fallen Demon
  20. Kyoto
  21. Monster
  22. Agony
  23. Yellowman



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