Tommy Jones – The Truth Will Out

London singer songwriter Tommy Jones makes music that is an intriguing fusion of what he describes as ‘vintage blues and modern britpop‘. The East Ender was raised on his dad’s record collection: Johnny Cash, The Beatles and American blues musicians such as Lead Belly, Muddy Waters and John Lee Hooker.

In the 90s, Tommy discovered new influences in the bands of the britpop era. Oasis’ show at Earl’s Court in 1997, opened by The Verve, was a big moment for him. He was inspired to finally pick up a guitar and start playing himself. He went on to play guitar and sing on the London circuit and at festivals on the line-up of several different bands.

Despite having fun playing live with bands, Tommy began to lose his desire to play, never being too convinced by the strength of the songs and feeling that they didn’t ‘speak to the soul’. He made the decision to call it quits, take a break and wait for the desire to return.

After a while, he decided to go back to where it all started in order to find inspiration and find that desire to make music again. Tommy went back to listening to his dad’s record collection and his britpop heroes and picked up a pen. Almost overnight, everything changed for him. He was writing songs back to back and every one meant something to him and had a purpose.

Tommy’s debut solo album is now in the works. He will begin recording ‘The Truth Will Out‘ shortly at the famous Monnow Valley studios in South Wales – the same studio used by the likes of The Stone Roses, Oasis, Black Sabbath and Queen.

Speaking of the LP, which takes it’s name from a Shakespeare quote, Tommy said: ‘Every song on this album has been written for a person close to me: family, friends and foes. Some that have passed and not been forgotten and some that still stand shoulder to shoulder with me”.

He added: “This time around, I’m not looking to find a band, break the industry or make my millions. This time it’s all about writing good music that means something to me and that others can relate to.”

Tommy is funding this project completely out of his own pocket, with no manager, agency or label. Just a true independent spirit with a love for the music he’s making.

He has shared a handful of demos on his Youtube channel: 3 tracks titled ‘Tell Me Something Someone‘, ‘I Only Need Myself‘ and ‘If We Try‘. They all have an air of unapologetic britpop era attitude about them. Tell Me Something Someone – the first teaser released by Tommy – has an unmistakable old school blues sound to it.


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