Nothing Pretty, Oranj Son & more @ The Jacaranda, Liverpool 27/07/18

On Friday night, Liverpool‘s famous Jacaranda Club hosted a night called ‘The Fiver’ – where you can see five live bands for just £5. The event is regularly put on across different venues by organisers Gen & The Degenerates.

On this month’s billing was Marietta and Dominique Daly, Nothing Pretty, Oranj Son, NESH and Gen & The Degenerates.

The small basement of the historic Jacaranda on Slater Street was packed as plenty of revellers arrived early to see Marietta and Dominique. The sisters played a short acoustic set and impressed with their vocal harmonies. Even closing with an a cappella number and encouraging the buzzy Liverpool crowd to sing along.

Turning the tempo (and volume) up a notch was Nothing Pretty, a band all the way from Stockport. And they made sure everyone knew it by waving around a Stockport banner and chanting. The band’s drummer even recited a heartfelt piece of poetry about their beloved hometown before going straight into a cover of The Streets‘ ‘Fit But You Know It‘. Covers of ‘Sockets‘ by Slaves and Arctic Monkeys‘ ‘I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor‘ were also squeezed in between a couple of their own raw punky tracks. The crowd certainly seemed to enjoy Nothing Pretty’s energetic set – and not only because the band handed out beers mid way through.

Next up were Oranj Son, a band from nearby Ellesmere Port with an ever-evolving line-up. I last saw them supporting The Holograms at their single launch at EBGBs back in April, and two members of that band had joined them for tonight’s show. Oranj Son played a slightly longer set of moody but melodic post-punk tracks. Popular single ‘Radio Wires‘ and ‘Commodify Me, Baby‘ were highlights of the set. ‘It Might Never Happen‘ from the band’s recent EP of the same name is a catchy synth-heavy track that got the crowd dancing.

NESH were the next band on the line-up for the night. The local band played a handful of gritty alt rock songs that went down well with the Liverpool crowd. A couple of new and as yet untitled tracks were worked in too and sounded very good live. The songs weren’t the only thing that was new for NESH – they also had a new bassist in the line-up. “There’s only so much sh*t you can put up with” declared frontman Michael Threlfall, referring to the band’s old bass player who had been given the boot by the sounds of it.


3 thoughts on “Nothing Pretty, Oranj Son & more @ The Jacaranda, Liverpool 27/07/18

  1. Hi, there is some misinformation in this review. The Fiver may be at The Jacaranda but it’s not their event. Gen and The Degenerates organize it every month. Thanks for giving our event a review but if you do come again please get the information right. Also, a bit disappointing that you covered every act but the last one (who also happen to be the organizers). If you’d like to come review again let us know and we will organize a free press ticket for you! Regardless of the issues, I’ve pointed out it’s a great summary of the other bands! 🙂


    • Hi Genevieve, sorry for the incorrect info about the event. I’ve now corrected this. The omission of Gen & The Degenerates from the review was simply because they were on last and I had to leave early to get the train home, not being local. I can’t review a band that I haven’t seen. I’d be more than happy to feature your music on the blog in the future.


      • Hi Sam, thank you for making the edit but we actually do always have Fiver at The Jac. They just aren’t involved in running it. I assumed it would be something like that in terms of omission but obviously, you can understand our frustration when we’d organized the whole event and played but got no real mention in the article. We still really appreciate you covering all the other bands and we’ll keep in touch. 🙂


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