The Gear – There’s a Place

The Gear are a Liverpool band of four music students. They’ve all just finished their first year at universities in the city, with the exception of bassist Jack Crone who studies in Salford. The quartet released their single titled ‘There’s a Place‘ on the 30th June with a launch night at Studio 2 in Liverpool’s famous Parr Street Studios.

The single, recorded at 3rd Planet Studios in Kirkdale in the north of the city, has a playtime of almost 6 minutes. The track builds up slowly with atmospheric guitar from Ben Harper. Drums from Ben Wall are powerful in the chorus behind Callum Thompson’s gritty vocals.

The track brings more of a psychedelic vibe than the band’s earlier demo ‘TV Screens‘ that they uploaded to their Soundcloud page a few months back. The infusions of psychedelia are mirrored by the There’s a Place‘s cover art designed by Anton Eager.

Between this release and the more indie rock TV Screens, it will be interesting to hear what type of sound The Gear find when their debut EP arrives. I’m a fan of the grungey guitars and Callum’s angst-fuelled vocals so I’m hoping that’s something the band stick with.

After recent performances in front of thousands of spectators at St Helens rugby ground and Everton FC, The Gear are hard at work writing new material and recording tracks. With over an hour’s worth of new music up their sleeve, the band hope to have the EP ready for release in the autumn. They’re still finding time for live shows however, with several gigs planned in Liverpool in the coming weeks.


2 thoughts on “The Gear – There’s a Place

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