Bad Mood @ Maguire’s Pizza Bar, Liverpool 31/08/18

Liverpool band Bad Mood released their debut album titled ‘A Victory For Propaganda‘ on Friday 31st August. To celebrate the big release, they hosted a special free entry launch gig at Maguire’s Pizza Bar in the centre of their hometown.

The Renshaw Street venue is a small bar renowned for it’s tasty and reasonably priced vegan pizzas. Maguires’ back room is used for live music and has seen plenty of action in the last few years, embodying the DIY spirit of the local music scene. Sadly, in a real ‘sign of the times’ situation, it will soon be forced to close it’s doors for good.

Maguire’s was bustling early in the night with revellers filling up on pizza and eager to catch supports Lost Faces. The Liverpool natives have been forced to deal with a number of line-up changes recently which could have thrown a spanner in the works for them. This didn’t seem to cause too much bother for them as they got stuck into their first live show together. Playing their brand of brash bluesy rock, it was a powerful performance that featured a handful of tracks from their self-tiled album released last summer. Lost Faces also tried out a couple of new songs on the Maguires’ crowd that sounded great and were my highlights of their set.

When headliners Bad Mood took to the stage, they were clearly buzzing to play their new album for this crowd. For the entirety of their set, they looked like they were having a great time – frontman Liam Devall in particular, who has stage presence in abundance. Who could blame them for enjoying themselves? It’s not every day you release a debut album.

The four members of this band may not be born and bred scousers but they fully consider themselves a ‘Liverpool band’ after making the city their home and forging a name for themselves on the local scene when they formed Bad Mood back in 2016.

The band, who have described their music as ‘post-punk moody socialist blues’, played tracks from their new LP back to back. To me, most songs sounded more garage than punk. However, the punk inspiration is obvious in the political lyrical content and Liam’s snarled vocals.

I was impressed by the raw energy through the majority of the track listing and as an album it picks up pace and has a real feeling of momentum. There are more melodic moments on the albums which I would like to hear transfer more to a live setting but nevertheless, it was a good set and an impressive performance.

You can listen to A Victory For Propaganda – which is now available for download – here:



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