Tiger Mimic: Making Waves Across the Pond

Tiger Mimic are a London-based indie band comprised of both American and British members.

Jess Rhodes (vocals and synth) and Bram Johnson (vocals and guitar) first met in New York City. They began making music together with a different band under a different name. This year, they made the decision to relocate to the UK and start a new band in London. In the capital, they met bassist Ben Willis and drummer George Latham, and together they formed Tiger Mimic.

Eager to start recording, they headed to Livingston Studios in North London and got to work. The four-piece spent the best part of three months recording with Grammy Award winning producer and engineer Matt Lawrence, who has worked with an array of big names from Adele to The Rolling Stones.

Tiger Mimic’s first release came in July, when they dropped debut single ‘Don’t Cover Up My Eyes‘. After the praise the band received for the debut, they quickly followed it up with second single ‘Elephant Skeleton‘ last month.

The band say Elephant Skeleton was written about once-loved things falling into neglect. They said: “The song tells a mysterious tale of a garden fading while it’s owners sit, counting drops of rain, looking for an answer that will not come”.

Tiger Mimic recently shared a retro video game inspired video to accompany the single. You can watch the video here:

Tiger Mimic say we can expect a full EP’s worth of their catchy indie tunes in the new year.

Keep an eye on the band’s Facebook page for news: https://www.facebook.com/tigermimicband/


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