One-Way Song – Billy Fisher Fitzgerald

One-Way Song‘s debut EP ‘Passionate Leave‘ is now just a week away, set for release on the 27th November. In anticipation of release day, the Manchester collective have put out a single titled ‘Billy Fisher Fitzgerald‘.

I spoke to lyricist Luke Gilfedder a few weeks back in an interview about the upcoming EP, which you can read here.

Keiron Melling and Mat Arnold produced the single at Hilltown Studios in Lancashire along with the rest of the tracks on Passionate Leave. The pair have worked on music by the likes of The Fall, Tom Jones and Kanye West.

Billy Fisher Fitzgerald was the first track One-Way Song wrote for this debut EP. The name came from the band’s first production back when they were a theatre group – ‘Billy Liar’.

Speaking about the new single, Luke said: “The song was inspired by an old Viennese joke that to have a flourishing society, both the police and the thieves must keep improving at what they did. The character in this song thinks Britain would likewise flourish if the working and upper classes dared relate to each other in such a fashion.

“He tries to be a one-man embodiment of that notion – but things don’t go entirely to plan. The end section of the song was completely improvised at Hilltown Studios, and ended up being one of our favourite parts of the entire EP”.

The single is the most rock-based track on this experimental EP. Guest vocals come from All Hail Hyena! vocalist Jay Stansfield along with some distorted poetic lyricism from One-Way Song’s own Angus Macalister similar to what we hear on the track ‘Dr Spraza Lies‘.

I would have to agree with the band that my favourite part of the track is the improvised last 25 seconds or so as it slowly burns out in a blur of lo-fi guitar and drowsy vocals with gloomy lines like ‘the summer houses of the dead’.

One-Way Song’s background in theatre seems to have given them a creative edge while producing these new songs. That means they go into the process more open-minded than a ‘traditional’ band and the product is a sound that is unapologetically theatrical but innovative and really quite special.

Billy Fisher Fitzgerald comes with it’s own video – which you can watch below – that’s equally as lo-fi and creative as the track.


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