How has Technology Shaped the Music Industry?


If you grew up before the iPod, streaming and online downloads existed, you may remember the demise of cassette players and record players. The latter of which however is currently experiencing an increase in popularity as more people turn to vinyl for a revival of sound quality and the tactile experience of music enjoyment. At first, this revival was only significant with independent music with increased attention on the need to support indie labels. But now, you can find the latest Justin Bieber and Beyonce albums on vinyl in your local HMV.

Record players, tape machines, cassette players, Walkmans, iPods, Youtube, Spotify, iTunes, Soundcloud, Tidal. All of these and more have been responsible for shaping the music industry over the last few decades. Changes in the way we discover, listen to and purchase music has arguably been the single biggest factor for change in the music industry.

Digital marketing agency Ghergich and Co have produced an infographic for the University of Florida, detailing the evolution of music technology over the last half a century.


You can view the infographic that Ghergich and Co created for Berklee College of Music last year here. It picks out each of the whopping 58 instruments that went into producing Rolling Stone’s top 100 songs of all time.

Find out more about music at the University of Florida here: