What happened to Glaswegian Kiss?


Big Boy Tomato were a British indie rock band who came to prominence in the early 90s supporting the likes of Stiff Little Fingers and New Model Army on lengthy European tours.

The Londoners became known for their songwriting that revolved around excessive alcohol consumption and doomed relationships, and dynamic live performances.

They found success with a few self-released EPs and were signed by Castle Records in 1994. They funded the band to produce a full-length album for release on the label. Big Boy Tomato worked tirelessly on their debut LP ‘Glaswegian Kiss‘ and put together an impressive set of radio-friendly indie tracks. However, strangely, the album was never put out by Castle.

Subsequently, the band’s members began to drift apart and found success on various other projects.

In early 2016, the band decided to track down this lost record, gained full rights to it from the label, and remastered it from the original copies. Independent London label Foof Records were played the album, and jumped at the chance to release it.

So, on Friday 21st October, Glaswegian Kiss by Big Boy Tomato will be released more than two decades after it’s completion. What’s more, it will be available to download- in full- for free at www.foofrecords.com

A single from the LP, titled ‘Armpits‘, is out now. Foof Records have even produced an accompanying music video, made from scraps of old live footage from Big Boy Tomato’s early tours.