Drowners @Studio 2, Liverpool 20/10/16


Often referred to as an ‘American-Welsh’ band, Drowners are Welsh frontman Matt Hitt and his American counterparts Jack Ridley, Joe Brodie and Erik Lee Snyder. Matt started the band when his 2011 move from the Welsh valleys to New York City in pursuit of a modelling career didn’t go quite as planned. After meeting three New Yorkers with a shared love for old school rock ‘n’ roll, he turned his attention to music.

After touring the States to promote their second album ‘On Desire’, released in June, Matt took his bandmates back to Blighty for a sizeable run of intimate shows that will culminate at Swn Festival in the Welsh capital.

On Thursday night (20 October), Drowners played Liverpool’s Studio 2 – a small live venue inside the city’s famous Parr Street Studios. Sporting his trademark black tee, black jeans and leather jacket, Matt dominated the stage from the off with an air of self-assurance.

New songs were performed with all the same fervour as old favourites. Despite the band’s latest LP being repeatedly labelled ‘mature’ and ‘grown up’ by critics, it’s definitely not boring. Tracks like ‘Pick Up The Pace’ don’t lose the sense of youthfulness and naivety found on their 2014 self-titled debut which was a set of catchy two minute long songs.

Drowners fired through the set, delivering one short upbeat song after another. In the occasional pause to adjust mic stands and pedals, Matt joked with a couple of giddy Scousers- much to the bemusement of his bandmates. At one point he muttered into the mic: “come on Liverpool… it’s f***ing Friday mate” – it wasn’t of course, but the crowd didn’t let that get in the way of them enjoying themselves.

Luv, Hold Me Down’ was arguably the highlight of the set, with revellers singing every word of the 2014 favourite in full voice. A raucous rendition of ‘Bar Chat’ ended the set in style and sent fans home happy.

Drowners well and truly proved they haven’t totally ‘grown up’ with a punchy and immensely fun set.


  • Troublemaker
  • Cruel Ways
  • Human Remains
  • Watch You Change
  • Another Go
  • Long Hair
  • A Button On Your Blouse
  • Pick Up The Pace
  • Unzip Your Harrington
  • Let Me Finish
  • Someone Else Is Getting In
  • Luv, Hold Me Down
  • Conversations With Myself
  • Bar Chat