Jaws @ Sound Control, Manchester 30/11/16


Throughout November, indie trio Jaws have been touring to promote their recently released second LP ‘Simplicity‘. The penultimate night of their nation-wide tour, the precursor to a Birmingham homecoming finale, saw them sell out Manchester’s Sound Control venue.

Tucked away behind Oxford Road train station, the venue was brimming with buzzing fans who waited through impressive supporting sets from Stoke band Rinse and a 17 year-old from Peckham by the name of Cosmo Pyke, but couldn’t contain their excitement when cult indie heroes Jaws walked out.

The brummie boys started out on ‘Just a Boy‘- the opening track from their new album. And despite the risk that not everybody might know the song as well as some old favourites, it proved a big hit with the rowdy Manchester crowd.

Jaws went on to play a set that featured a lot of tracks from Simplicity, at the cost of dropping the nostalgic 2013 tunes such as ‘Breeze‘ and ‘Toucan Surf‘. But a handful of songs from their 2014 debut album ‘Be Slowly‘ remained.

The atmosphere was electric all night and the mosh pits were pretty much constant throughout a show that drummer Eddy later described an one of the band’s best all time gigs. Frontman Connor also heaped praise on the Mancunian fans who he heralded as the best of the tour.

Wednesday night was my fourth consecutive tour seeing Jaws so I went to Sound Control with high expectations. And I wasn’t let down by the band or the crowd. The night also turned out to be a rival to the Drenge show I called the ‘sweatiest gig of my life’ last year.

Just a Boy

Stay In

Work It Out

Think Too Much, Feel Too Little

What We Haven’t Got Yet

A Brief Escape From Life

In The Morning


Surround You


The Invisible Sleep

Be Slowly

Right In Front Of Me

On The Sunshine


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