Cherry Glazerr @ Central Library, Liverpool 21/05/17

My last experience of a Get It Loud In Libraries show was a fantastic Superfood gig in Oldham Library, so when the Arts Council funded initiative announced they’d booked Cherry Glazerr in Liverpool’s famous Central Library, I was desperate to go.

I’ve been a fan of the LA garage rockers since they released their debut LP ‘Haxel Princess‘ in January 2014 – an album which proved grunge was not dead. Since then, the entire line-up has changed except from the irreplaceable Clementine Creevy as the eccentric leading lady. Bass player Sean Redman made way for Devin O’Brien and drummer Hannah Uribe was replaced by Tabor Allen. Sasami Ashworth also came in on synths to create the deeper sound of their 2017 album ‘Apocalipstick‘.

Snatching at the chance to see the Californian quartet on Merseyside, I arrived at the library a couple of songs into support act Dream Nails‘ set. Following the noise through the rows of bookshelves, I made my way to the stage as lead singer Janey announces “This song is about people who think it’s funny to joke about rape”.

Dream Nails are a feminist punk band from London who play uber-political noisy punk sprinkled with dreamy harmonies. They went on to play songs written about the Tories, Donald Trump and Brexit. And also a song that wasn’t a song but a hex (they’re witches apparently).

When Cherry Glazerr’s turn was up, Clem crawled out onto the stage on all fours to join her bandmates before bursting into hysteria with chaotic opener ‘Sip O Poison‘. She jumped across the stage and screamed into the mic as she urged the small but enthusiastic crowd to get as close as possible.

Sweaty and clearly struggling to keep the straps of her top on her shoulders, she warned the crowd: “Boobs might be flying out tonight but I’m sure you’ve all seen nipples”.

The band went on to play a handful of tracks from both albums as well as a new one entitled ‘Stupid Fish‘.

Other highlights included Haxel Princess’ ‘Nurse Ratched‘, Apocolipstick’s ‘Instagratification‘ and most recent single ‘Told You I’d Be with the Guys‘.

The whole band put an impressive amount of effort into their set considering they were playing in front of a couple of dozen people in a library on a Sunday night. From Sasami and Tabor rocking out in their Batman sliders and Crocs to Clem sprawling across the floor to Devin – well, eating a takeaway curry off the speaker…

Sip O Poison
Nuclear Bomb

Had Ten Dollaz


Told You I’d Be with the Guys

Stupid Fish

Teenage Girl

Trick or Treat Dancefloor

Only Kid on the Block

Nurse Ratched


Grilled Cheese

Chewing Cud