Jaws @ The Magnet, Liverpool 24/11/17

jaws nov17

A year on from the release of second albumSimplicity‘, indie heroes Jaws are back on tour. With the lack of a Manchester show, it was no surprise that tickets for the band’s Friday night in Liverpool quickly sold out. The Magnet is not the biggest of venues either.

I had good memories of this place after managing to see Drenge play here for free back in 2015. It was a manic, sweaty crowd and this one was no different. They garnered a few compliments from frontman Connor on their impressive energy levels. He even labelled them “best crowd of the tour”… I know what you’re thinking, you’ve heard that one before. I certainly have but in this instance it would be hard to believe that it wasn’t the case.

The Birmingham quartet played a varied set, dipping in and out of their two LPs ‘Be Slowly‘ and ‘Simplicity‘. They also slipped in a couple from way back including fan favourites ‘Surround You‘ and ‘Toucan Surf‘.

Shunning the common industry practice of bands walking off stage for two minutes before returning to play an encore whether the crowd asked for one or not, Connor and co remained on stage as he muttered into the mic: “there’s just a tiny cupboard there and I just can’t be arsed”.

A night of mosh pits, crowdsurfing and singalongs ended when a group of fans in front of the stage began belting out the Spandau Ballet hit ‘Gold‘ as their way of asking Jaws to play their hit of the same name. The band happily obliged and launched into the track. After a couple of fans clambered onto the stage, the music cut out and the stage lights came on. They started from the top and suddenly everyone was at it – there must have been at least 20 stage dives through the duration of the final song.

By now, Jaws have built up a solid reputation as an exciting live band. I’ve now lost count on how many times I’ve seen them but I’m definitely on 6 or 7. And I’ll be on the look out for tickets for their next tour as soon as this one comes to an end.

  • Surround You
  • Cast
  • Think Too Much, Feel Too Little
  • Work It Out
  • Filth
  • Stay In
  • What We Haven’t Got Yet
  • 17
  • Just A Boy
  • Right In Front Of Me
  • Be Slowly
  • Toucan Surf
  • Gold