Oceans On Mars – Natural

Five-piece rock band Oceans On Mars are back with a new single released on Thursday 1st November. The track, titled, ‘Natural‘, is the third release to date from the Cheshire band.

All five members of the unsigned band are just 17 years of age and they’re already doing big things with their music. They arrived on the scene with massive Nirvana-inspired number ‘People In My Head‘. They quickly followed it up with the more brooding and considered ‘Cold Blooded‘ in the summer. The former was recently used by Match Of The Day to soundtrack a feature on Paul Pogba’s relationship with Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho of all things.

Vocalist Joe, lead guitarist Angus, rhythm guitarist James, bassist Alex and drummer Greg are all studying at sixth form colleges around East Cheshire at the moment. After college, the plan is to take a gap year to focus on their music, producing new material and playing more shows and festivals.

Oceans On Mars say they’ve all dreamed of being in a rock band since they were young, after being brought up listening to a host of rock and roll influences ranging from The Smiths to Soundgarden.

Opening with more Nirvana-esque guitars, Natural blooms into an alt-rock tune that packs a punch. Frontman Joe Sant’s vocals sound great on this well-written song, with melodic verses that build up to the big hook with the line: ‘let me be free, make me natural’.

Between the five members of Oceans On Mars, they manage to create not only a ‘big’ sound but one that feels like it has some real depth and character to it. So many new alt-rock bands fall by the wayside with bland and lifeless music and it’s tough out there for those making guitar music in general to stand out from the crowd in 2018.

While Oceans On Mars clearly take a lot of influence from their favourite 90s rock and grunge bands like Merseyside trio Pet Virus do, they seem to be finding their identity now with this third release and I’ll look forward to hearing how they evolve further.

If you fancy seeing Oceans On Mars live, you can catch them in Manchester this Friday (9th). They will be supporting fellow Cheshire natives The Mallisons at the Manchester Academy. Tickets for the show, which also features another two bands on the billing, are £8 and available via Fatsoma now:


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