Pet Virus – Can I Speak To Dirt?

Huyton trio Pet Virus are back with a new track curiously titled ‘Can I Speak To Dirt?‘. The single was released on the 12th October via Psycho Boy Recordings.

Opening with lo-fi Nirvana-esque guitars, the track bursts into life just before the minute and a half mark with one hell of a chorus. Guitarist and vocalist Phil screams the lyrics over a driving drum beat – again with more Cobain influence.

Can I Speak To Dirt? isn’t overly lengthy at just over three minutes but it doesn’t need to be. Pet Virus get everything out of their system in a flash of bone-rattling punk and dirty grunge. And reverb. Lot’s of reverb.

A grungey sound with punk-style songwriting is a formula commonly used throughout this band’s music and it suits them down to the ground. There seems to be something of a punk revival in the making this year but Pet Virus put their own stamp on the genre.

‘Scrunge’ the word that the three-piece use to describe their sound – ‘scouse grunge’ that is. Inspired by various 80s and 90s bands, they wear their influences on their sleeve yet manage to keep their material fresh.

Pet Virus play live in Blackburn on Saturday 10th November. You can find more details here:

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