The Shantics – Stevie Nicks

London rock band The Shantics have released a new single titled ‘Stevie Nicks‘. The name doesn’t refer to the singer of Fleetwood Mac fame but a thief by the name of Stevie. Stevie sold the band a PA system and after Googling the name he asked them to make the cheque out to, they uncovered his shady past.

The track has a strong early Arctic Monkeys feel to it and will go down well with AM fans still disgruntled by Tranquility Base. Punky guitar and clever songwriting also draw parallels to the music of Slaves.

It’s much heavier than the quartet’s previous release ‘Mind Pop‘ which had a more indie sound to it. This makes me interested to see what direction they go in for their debut album when the time comes.

Either way, Stevie Nicks is a great rock song full of loud guitars, drums and punk attitude. If you feel your faith in British rock and roll needs a boost, give The Shantics a listen and you won’t be disappointed.