Tiger Mimic – I Took Off My Body

In October, I featured a new band by the name of Tiger Mimic. The New York/London four-piece had just released the single ‘Elephant Skeleton‘ following their well-received debut with ‘Don’t Cover Up My Eyes‘.

On Friday 14th December, they released another single: the intriguingly named ‘I Took Off My Body‘. This is the third track we’ve heard now that will feature on Tiger Mimic’s debut EP ‘Elephant Skeleton‘ which is out on 18th January 2019.

The EP was recorded at North London’s Livingston Studios with the help of Grammy winner Matt Lawrence who has produced music by the likes of The Rolling Stones and Adele.

Explaining the story behind I Took Off My Body, the band said: ” It tells the surreal story of someone removing their own body in layers in an effort to find themselves inside, waiting in the dark. A reflection on the world’s tendency to make judgments with their eyes, while ignoring the person.”

Like with the previous single, Elephant Skeleton, this song explores interesting themes that give a dark edge to the band’s catchy indie rock. They stick to the partnership of simple, toe-tapping guitar riffs and groovy basslines. Melodious vocals from Jess Rhodes also sound great in the chorus as she sings “waiting in the dark” and chilling echoes of “they took off my body” ring out.

In this new release, Tiger Mimic have succeeded in producing a unique song with depth and substance in the saturated market of ‘indie disco’ tunes. This is the strongest effort yet from Tiger Mimic in my opinion. I Took Off My Body is my favourite of the three singles from the new EP – which will be eagerly awaited.