Drones Club- Hurricane


Experimental London collective Drones Club are back as promised. Their return brings us ‘Hurricane‘ – a brand new track taken from the forthcoming EP ‘White Crocodile‘.


The band announced their arrival on the scene in 2015 with a self-titled EP of arty alt-pop tracks. The follow-up, ‘Rise‘, which came later that same year played around elements of dance music and acid house. It’s lyrics and accompanying videos were very politically charged.

With Hurricane, Drones Club have fully committed to the dance sound with what sounds like a straight-up EDM track at first listen. The distorted lyrics are still philosophical and deep but much more catchy. Hurricane is certainly the closest Drones Club have come to radio-friendly.

The video is a departure from the group’s usual mish-mash of clips of politicians, bankers and mindless violence. It basically follows the guys and a crew of masked cronies driving out of London in an old Range Rover and dancing around on top of a hill overlooking Canary Wharf.