Jaws- Bad Company


‘Bad Company’ is the first single from indie rock quartet Jaws since their successful debut album Be Slowly, which was released in Autumn 2014. It was played on Huw Stephens’ BBC Radio 1 show on Monday night- the first time it had been heard since a tour in March this year, where Bad Company was premiered at the Manchester Academy. It is now being streamed online on Jaws’ Soundcloud page.

I couldn’t believe it was the same band I’d seen play live twice and been a big fan of since they released their first material in 2013. Listening to bad Company, it becomes immediately obvious that Jaws are going for a completely new sound. Many of their fans are used to their feel-good indie tracks such as Breeze and Swim, but it seems the Brummie boys have got a desire for something a little more heavy. Bad Company is muscular and rock and roll. You’re not expecting any of it and it hits you like a tonne of bricks.

Fellow pioneers of Birmingham’s blossoming ‘B-Town’ scene, Swim Deep are also changing their sound for their second album. Fans of the five-piece were not expecting their as-yet-untitled second album (due in Summer 2015) to have take influence from acid house music. Swim Deep’s physchedelic new sound was picked up on when they released a track from the album, ‘To My Brother’ in February. On the other hand, the final component of B-Town’s holy trinity, Peace, have stuck to their guns, releasing a second indie rock album, ‘Happy People’, in January.

Shimmering poppy synths are replaced by violent riffs and frontman Connor’s melodic vocals by aggression and angst. Jaws’ brave return is grungey garage rock, which shouldn’t have came as such a surprise to us considering their grungey dress sense and Nirvana T-shirts. It’s a change of direction which might not be everyone’s cup of tea or go down too well with fans of Be Slowly but it’s a sound that does suit Jaws. They pull it off wonderfully and Bad Company is a song which really gets me excited at the prospect of a grunge inspired second album.



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