Spector- Kyoto Garden


London indie rock quartet Spector have released a new video for ‘Kyoto Garden’- a track from their highly anticipated second album. Kyoto Garden and the announcement of the second album comes after a quiet period since their 2011 hit Chevy Thunder and their 2012 debut album ‘Enjoy It While It Lasts’, which reached number 12 in the UK Albums Chart.

The band have been sponsored by Topman for a couple of years now and they made the most of their sponsorship deal by collaborating with the men’s fashion giant on their ‘Open shoot’ project. Spector asked fans and Topman customers alike to come up with creative ideas for the video through Topman’s site and social media. In an interview for the Topman site, frontman Fred Macpherson said he knows what the song means but he would like people submitting ideas to go off how they interpret it. He also admitted to never having been to Kyoto but said that the song isn’t really about Kyoto and it just took him to that ‘headspace’.

The video was shot with the help of production from Never Ending Fun and features vibrant aesthetic visuals of a ‘Kyoto Garden’, as well the Spector boys kitted out in Topman’s new collection. The video is just as tranquil as the music. It’s tranquil but with a psychedelic edge to it and shares similarities with Swim Deep’s trippy video for ‘To My Brother’.

A still from the video for Kyoto Garden

A still from the video for Kyoto Garden

The synth is strangely similar to that of Swedish rapper Yung Lean’s 2013 breakthrough ‘Kyoto’. That must just be the sound of Kyoto. The music is very smooth and seamless which makes it extremely satisfying to listen to. Once you listen to the song, you immediately understand Fred Macpherson’s comments about his ‘headspace’. It’s hypnotic and escapist and makes you feel like you’ve been transported to a Kyoto garden. The song’s title and its video suit the music perfectly in my opinion.

Kyoto Garden has a similar sound and style to Spector’s single ‘All The Sad Young Men’, which was released in February and will be featured on the upcoming album. Both tracks are a million miles from their 2011 hit Chevy Thunder which was all out, high energy indie rock. I think Spector have taken the same approach to their second album as Birmingham band Swim Deep, by cutting all ties to their debut album and starting from scratch.

Spector- Kyoto Garden: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3fxIeZDLEFo


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