Upbeat Sneakers- Hope And Glory/Here We Go Again

upbeat sneakers

Upbeat Sneakers are a bunch of lads from the Welsh Valleys bringing ska into the 21st century.

From the Welsh town of Merthyr Tydfil, they’ve taken their chirpy, energetic sound on tour, headlining shows across the UK as well as landing impressive support slots with the likes of Bad Manners, The Beat and Madness.

The 7-piece outfit’s double single ‘Hope And Glory/Here We Go Again’ was released via Foof Records yesterday (29 July).

Hope And Glory sees Upbeat Sneakers live up to their name, with chirpy vocals from Alex and some impressive stuff from Morgan and Ryan on the trumpet and saxophones. The track also features a lot more guitar than you might you used to as a fan of the ska genre.

Here We Go Again swaps the band’s infectious optimism in the previous track for downright pessimism. With lyrics like “this place gets me down / there’s nothing good to keep us here” and some slightly more sombre stuff from boys on brass, it paints a real contrast. The song’s title is reflected in its repetitive lyrical cycle.

A captivating and very danceable 6 minutes of listening from Upbeat Sneakers.

You can download this single for free from the link below: