Drones Club- Rise EP


Drones Club were the new experimental art project-cum-post-pop band  I wrote about back in April. Since then, the London trio have released their second EP entitled ‘Rise’. One track of the four was unveiled each week from the 31st July until we were left with Drones Club’s brilliant follow-up to their self-titled debut.

Rise is opened by the 5 minute long track ‘Without Sky’. It’s a concoction of sounds and beats completed with hypnotic vocals. The vocals sound like they belong on a Jungle song, yet the track is a lot more techno than soul. Although, saying that, Without Sky is more minimal house than the straight-up techno of Drones Club’s debut EP. The whole track has an effortless flow to it that makes for very satisfying listening.

The second week of the Rise EP release gave us the fantastic ‘Cold Hand’, my favourite track of the four. Kaleidoscopic sounds build up through the verses of muffled vocals to the melodic chorus. It’s a catchy pop song merged with a bass-heavy techno beat. It shouldn’t work but it really does. Cold Hand is a surprisingly uplifting song. It reminded me of a Swim Deep song, ‘Grand Affection’, from their upcoming album ‘Mothers’.

‘Changeling’ is the name of the third track in the listing. It begins with a steady drum beat and mystical echoey sounds before flowing into a subdued and melancholic chorus where the phrase ‘everybody needs a reason to hold on’ is repeated over and over. It’s a complete contrast from Cold Hand. Changeling is more chilled out but no less weird. It’s like listening to a sad song on acid.

The finale of Rise is ‘Python’. Big electronic beats are layered over barely audible repetitive vocals which gradually become more distorted. It’s wonderfully weird and it encapsulates Rise perfectly.

Rise EP does show an evolution in Drones Club in the months that have passed since their debut release. Their self-titled debut EP was a collection of electronic post-pop songs. This time around, they seemed to have experimented more with styles and elements of dance music such as minimal house and acid house. Parts are similar to Jamie XX’s album ‘In Colour’. This EP has got me looking forward to the next instalment in the Drones Club story.






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