Ziegler Co. – Soap & Water EP



London quartet Ziegler Co. are back with a brand new EP. The band’s latest release, brought to us by indie label Foof Records, is called ‘Soap & Water‘.

Previously, Ziegler Co. and Foof had released a series of double A-sides which saw the band build an image as suave indie-rockers with a swaggering jazz-inspired and bass-driven sound.

With Soap & Water, the four-piece effectively pull a musical U-turn and deliver a delicate selection of acoustic-based indie pop tunes.

I hope this won’t spell the end of the sound Ziegler Co. have presented on their last couple of releases as it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find originality in the saturated market that is the indie pop genre.

Having said that, I do appreciate the band’s musicianship more having listened to this self-recorded EP. And you have to give them credit for having the confidence to explore new sounds in such a bold way.

Lead single ‘Clarity‘ sums this up perfectly:

Soap & Water is out now and available to stream and download for free:

Free download: http://www.foofrecords.com/releases/single/soap_water