The Parisian Dream


2003 drama ‘The Dreamers’ followed the story of a twin brother and sister’s friendship with an American exchange student during the Paris student revolution of Spring 1968. The trio are drawn together by their mutual passion for film and spend almost a month locked away in the twins’ grand Paris home.

In a film all about culture and film, and set in one of the fashion capitals of the world, there’s plenty of style inspiration to be drawn from The Dreamers.

Reserved Californian student Matthew (Michael Pitt) wears a buttoned-up white shirt under a plaid blazer with no tie in the first few scenes we see him in. Looking very privately educated and preppy but with classic 50s/60s retro Americana style.

As we see Matthew become more relaxed in the company of his new friends Isabelle and Theo, we see him in some more casual outfits. Plain T-shirts and Levis, and even some Converse Chuck Taylors.

On the other hand, we have mopey, smoking, wine-swilling and effortlessly stylish Frenchman Theo (Louis Garrel). His black roll neck under a rusty burgundy velvet blazer in the opening scenes is a look that oozes coolness. A dark green velvet suit also pops up later in the film.

Lounging around his dad’s house with Isabelle and Matthew, we see Theo wear some dark loose long sleeve shirts.

And now Isabelle (Eva Green) with the boldest look from The Dreamers…



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