Tindrumm are four-piece Manchester band making ‘new wave art and progressive music’. Their experimental tendencies have caught the eye and ear of many music fans across the country.

The line-up consists of Ryan Lee on piano, guitar and vocals, Mat Peters on drums and synthesisers, Pete Askew on guitar, and Jamie Peckham on bass.

The ‘art/rock’ quartet have had excellent help in the form of mastering engineers responsible for award-winning music by the likes of Stereophonics, Elbow, Bjork, Sigur Ros and Aphex Twin.

Among many new fans of the band are newly established Manchester indie label Trinitus Sounds, who are set to release Tindrumm’s debut single on Friday 12th August.

The release will include two A-side tracks entitled ‘This Time Tomorrow’ and ‘Hollowtooth’, recorded at Grammy-winning engineer Mandy Parnell’s London studio.

This Time Tomorrow/Hollowtooth will be available for digital download and to purchase as a cassette tape on 12th August.

It’s also available for pre-order on Bandcamp now from the link below: